Lucid Dreaming

July 2, 2011
By ricodesire BRONZE, Deland, Florida
ricodesire BRONZE, Deland, Florida
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The walls started breathing colors
as the roof began to leak.
Then the windows disappeared and
the mirrors started to speak.
Flickering television floating in the air,
With laughing rainbows that where not there.
Still and not moving as I lay on my bed,
all my thoughts pouring out of my head.
The tiles began dancing around the room,
I danced too...
Imaginary replicas formed in the image of you.
My guitar was playing stairway to heaven,
And I was singing lead with Led Zepplin.
The door began to spell my name across the clouds,
As my cellphone started ringing for me to come down.
Making my way down the hall running threw a maze,
I hear " come child, come this way. "
Seeking a face to the voice that was heard,
I took a different path that led me to her.
She was waiting by my front door step with a broom,
We set off on a mission to fly to the moon.
Stars clinging to my nerves as I dodge gravity,
Something tugged my brain that brought me back to full reality.
Tortured by sense's I thought... but couldn't feel,
I'm forced to endeavor a world that isn't real.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece would have to be the fact I am very interested in the human brain and lucid dreaming and the fact that anything can happen while your dreaming. That for me is when my imagination is at work the most. I dream the craziest things so I had to put it all down in one poem.

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