Ode to Love

July 2, 2011
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Love, the angel that sings sweet melodies to the mortal ear
The siren that draws even the harshest souls to her tempting beauty
The invisible stronghold between families
It calms the scorn with undying light, without even announcing its presence
Love, you choose with a blind eye your next victim so that no one may trace your footsteps as you touch the hearts of many who need it the most
Love, you are the peaceful drift upon the sea of life
The white dove beneath the tulips
Sweet but strong, everlasting as you pull in curious eyes and never let go, through happiness and heartbreak
You guide the souls upon a powerful path and never let them stray, so that once they start they never stop being with you, Love
Though you are cruel at times, we know you only mean well
For the ones who hate being with you the most silently pray that you will never stop your cling to their hearts
But what about the ones who you misplace? The ones you put on the wrong path? The ones that are meant to go right but you take them left?
Who end up in the wrong arms and leave someone else gasping for air
What if one goes on the path and the other does not recognize the love
You leave one with a burning ache in their crumbling heart and the other with obliviousness
Or sometimes, Love, you make expectations too high
So that two paths cross for a while, but then split again with intervention
Tears so high that they touch the sky
Or unreal love? When your fiery center is twisted by money, fame, and perfection
When love is forced, so that paths cross without your consent
When love is withheld, a gate forms, blocking a path so that a person is left behind while others continue
Love, you are the fragile vase that holds the thorny red rose
Nevertheless, you are the breath of life and the pure water
The thing that keeps mankind alive is you
Earth rests in the silky palm of your blood-red hands
For without you, were would passion be?
Or matrimony? Or smiles and laughter?
Love, you are the kind hello to a stranger, the bouquet of flowers outside a door and the serenade that melts a woman’s heart
You sprout at the simple embrace, you bud at the brush of lips, you bloom at the altar, and your blossom is full at the cry of a new born baby
For love, everyday you spread your wings and soar into more hearts until they are full of all your joy and pleasure
Your beauty is infectious, a few simple words and it has been given to the next person
Love, you make the world go ‘round and ‘round
You wind us up and then set us down
To do whatever we want, within your means
For there would be no jubilation, no high spirits, no grins without you
You are the one that creates the loved ones, the one that puts meaning into the words “I Love You”
Love, promise me one thing – that you will never come nor go, fade or shine, but stay, still as the moon
And give me inspiration to keep on loving you

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