Little Boy

July 2, 2011
So white as can be
Simple and stern, yet so
Gentle and comforting,

Jumping high into the sky,
I watch you flip and turn,
Even fall and maybe break a
tooth or two.

But, watching you brings a smile
to my face that thick accent,
hangs so heavy,
yet, its hard to notice you aren't a native.

I remember when mom and dad
left me that one stormy day
all alone and afraid not knowing what to expect
But giving all my to GOD I now know that
The blonde hair blue-eyed boy
who I used to be jealous of is now my dear little ol' brother,
so blonde and crazy as can be.
The sun rays beat down on your white colored powder skin
hitting it so soft and gentle turning you into peanut brittle.

I will never forget that one fine day I picked you up from the airport,
so hesitant to see what
this whole new world had in store for you.
Seeing you grow ever since that day, is like watching a runner push toward the finish line,
never giving up, and still going whatever comes your way.

So gentle and sweet
yet, crazy and angry at times, there is no words to express
how much I love and treasure you little boy.

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