An Ode to a Firefly

July 2, 2011
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Oh, spirit
Free as can be
And though you're so small
You're just like me!

You have simple desires
You only wish to fly
And to find your mate
With your flashing lights

So harmless
So graceful
So artistic
So free

We run and try to catch you
Because we know that you're so free
And we'll do all we can to catch you
So we can feel just as free

As we hold you in our hands
And your feet tickle our palms
As you open up your wings
Poetic as a Psalm

We gaze, we ponder,
We long and admire
Someday, maybe, we, too
Can fly just as free

So simple is your life
So immaculately peaceful
You're just trying to find love
And you are never harmful

Why, then, do little children
Feel the need to smush?
Why, as they hold your innocence
Do they feel the need to squish?

I tried to save you
And to help you live
For I am of the most avid fans
Of your beautiful, lovely, magnificent innocence.

I held thee in my hand
Up to the open sky
Begging you, PLEADING you
Please, PLEASE fly...

But no such luck
Your left wing opens up
As I hope that I can help you
To see it through...

Your right wing is stuck
Your life is ******,
And all of its purpose
Has sunken through

You only wanted to find a mate
But now you're completely screwed.
Seconds are ticking your life away
And sadly, so is fate...

Oh, dear Firefly,
I kiss your memory good-bye
Your small and tiny little feet
Shall forever imprint on my heart.

Oh, dear Firefly
Please pardon my dear brother
Oh, please, do not cry,
He has no heart for slaughter.

He is an angel
Who's been misled
By the ways of this
Corrupted land

He's pure at heart
But his heart is steel
How else to defend
Against his home, this battlefield...

Oh, dear Firely
I'm sitting yards away from your grave
I say the wind is in my eyes
As their raindrops
To my page...

Oh, dear Firefly
I kiss your sweetness all good-bye
I'm sorry that you had to die
And as for your future supposed mate...

She'll swing among the bountiful trees
And fly where all the bluebirds sing
She'll hum and plea and softly sing
Of that which is Ode to a Firefly.

Be happy as you rest in heaven
As your mate shall be here, too
And someday in some perfect way
She will finally find you!!

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FreedomIsMyVirtue said...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 7:44 am
Okay, so 'that' part is c e n s o r e d in the poem but not in the comments? Cool...
Mudder_Hacky replied...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 9:31 am
yeah, i don't remember censoring that... that's funny..
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