July 2, 2011
Voices all around me,
Everything is a blur.
No idea which way is up,
Or down for that matter.
I walk in a straight line,
But wear a blindfold,
Oblivious to everything

People shouting in the background,
“You can do it”.
What it is I do not know.
People are born,
They live,
They die,
And still I walk in my straight line,
Not knowing where I am headed.

I want to walk no longer,
But I am forced to.
Steel chains wrapped around me,
Pulling me forward.

With strength I am surprised of,
I stop in my tracks.
My freedom lasts for only two seconds.
My strength deteriorates.
I fall back into,
The routine of walking my line.

I will remember this day,
As the day I became free,
Not freedom of body,
For I am still walking,
My line to somewhere,
Still tied in chains,
Still enslaved,
No, not freedom of body,
Freedom of mind.

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