I wanna know I belong here

July 2, 2011
By , Fairfield, CA
Give me a reason to exist
Show me that there's a life worth living
Erase the haunting that continues inside
I wanna feel like I belong in this earth with no regret
Please understand me and the secrets kept inside
Wipe these tears that only increases
Mother has her happiness
When father has his
Frienships have been broken 
Bottling everything inside as everything around begins to shatter
 who can save me out of these shadows of fate?
Someone who can mend my broken heart my so-called love caused,
Give me a guardian angel,
Someone who can erase these hauntings,
Heal these scars and bruises,
Wipe the tears of loneliness away,
The only person who can heal the bits and pieces
Only one to show me that I'm not alone
My reason to belong here..

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