My Mother, My Best Friend

July 2, 2011
My mother,
Is my best friend
It may be odd to say, but at the end of the day,
I smile because I know it’s true.

My mother is



and helpful.

My mother, has done a lot for me

She has taught me things,
no one else can teach,
How to


and to love.

My mother helps me,
well, with everything anyone could.

She helps me with


and life.

My mother, she reminds me,
of all the times we have had.

She reminds me of times
we’ve talked,

we’ve fought,
we’ve fought,

and the times we cried.

I break down,
whenever I see,
my poor mother’s spirit,
crushed, broken.
But I truly know,
she will never forever be crushed, broken
she will grow stronger,
I can guarantee that.
She will come back, with a vengeance,
now that, that is a given.

When I see her sweet smile,
I smile, like know how she is feeling.
I feel what she feels, like a connection.
I smile again, because I know all is okay.

My mother,
she builds me,

she raises me right,
she raises me, to be the best,

the best I can be.

My mother,
encourages me,

cheers me on,
and carries me through when I can go no more.

How much I remind others of my mother is quite frightening.
My face,

My voice,
My intelligence,

My personality,
My Heart and strong will.

My mother,
I love her so,
and as a mother should,
she love me also, but,
we are more than mother and daughter,
we are, best friends.

As I am closing this poem,

I just want to say that I know my mother will always be,


beautiful inside and out,

and my hero.

most importantly,
She will always be,
my mother, my best friend.

I love you mom....

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