July 1, 2011
Thousands of blindfolded fools
Their fingers jammed deep into Their ears
Red blood runs down from them
Black bile spews from their mouths
That never shut
Ignorance and Hate
All wear the same suit
Their ties tight and proper
Their dark leather briefcases Filled with prejudices
They point their fingers and laugh
They throw rocks and stab
Firing their guns
Making and Following twisted laws
At each other
At the Other
Blind as bats
Deaf as rocks
Never stopping
Always Judging
Their minds chained
Souls restrained
They hold the key
But first they have to learn to Hear and Listen
Then they have to look and See
They are you and me
Every day that goes by without our Minds open
Is a day that is spent in the Dark
Pull out the fingers
Take off the blindfold
Stop spewing hate
Reach out with your hand
Learn to participate
In healing a heart
Saving a soul
Sew your lips shut
Until only kindness flows
Listen and See
Open up your God given mind
Free your heart
Release your soul
And always try to
The Other.

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