the evil smile

July 1, 2011
The hard cold ground,

is all that you feel.

Until it numbs each and every bone in that emaciated body.

puddles of justice, are poured from you’re eyes.

Each and every tear representing “what could’ve what would’ve”.

they stare you down, as if your a top wanted criminal.

And you can’t bare but to fight back that smile,

that evil smile,

that get’s them everytime.

Footsteps pound forward,

and their feet seize every step.

Hearts thump anticipating surrender.


everyone knows, there’s thick fog blinding the finish line.

you’re heavy legs and floating mind,

a contradiction promoting fighting but surrendering.

Letting go of the fury between your solid fists,

you finally get the nerve to look your opponents in the eye..

as you stare yourself in the mirror.

You realize,

I was the monster all along.

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