Hot Potato

July 1, 2011
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"Hot Potato, Hot Potato
Who Has The Hot Potato?
If You Have The Hot Potato

That's how I feel right now
Tossed around,
Feeling like I can't make a sound
Because I don't want you
To pass my feelings on,
You hear me cry
I've told you why
You tell me it's all in my head
But what's in my head is making me
Want to die,
It's like I'm losing everything
In the blink of an eye
Am I?
Are you telling me

"I'm right here"
Those are the words you always say
But this time they sound like
They're starting to fray
And you couldn't feel
Farther away
From this bag of bones, this heart of stone
I've spelled it out for you
In my disastrous array.
Yet You point me into another direction,
Into another set of hands
But no matter how hard I try
To comply
Nobody can understand
This whole-hearted turmoil,
This seed without soil
I have no foundation
Please, don't just stand there
And watch my non-belonging blood boil

How did it become so hard
To talk to me?
What do I have to do
To make you walk with me

I'm running out of reasons
I'm running out of fight
You can't see that I'm jumping
From these bizarre
Just to get your attention again
Just to feel that connection again
But no matter what
I can't get that fire to reignite.
Still I try,
I can't give up when it comes to you
Hot Potato, Hot Potato
And when you catch me again
I'll burn right through.

I don't want your textbook answer
There isn't one when it comes down to love
And you said you loved me...
This is suicide in the first degree
If you don't mean it
Do you mean it anymore?
Do you mean it?

Don't you love me

Hot Potato, Hot Potato
Who Has The Hot Potato?
If You Have The Hot Potato

You toss me for another round
My world has been flipped upside down

You don't love me anymore
There is no doubt.

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