Are You My Mother?

July 1, 2011
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You have been a weed
In my garden
Of once flourishing flowers,
I've uprooted you,
Done everything to get through to you
I will not be the glue for you
Because still you break
And shake
And quake
And mistake me
For someone who can heal
Your broken, childish soul.

I am not your mother,
You are a person
Treated the same way as my other's.

I can't take away
The agony you claim
I have caused,
So, please would you
Take a moment to pause
There are boundaries to friendships
And you broke the laws,
Crossed over my line
And into my defensive snapping jaws.
I attack when I fear
I cringe at the sight of tears
And in your case
I've just been letting you down through
All these years,
And you need someone right now
But I have to refuse to volunteer.

It's a vicious cycle you're caught up in
And you don't know
When to say

So you spill out all over the place,
And you kill for a moment
Of my time and space,
But I never wanted to be your hero...
It's not my job
To nurse your wounded ego
And neglect my own,
Because I'm trying to find my way
Back from obsessive bones
And I am trying to find a place
That I can call home.
You tried to take what was mine,
You tried to steal my love,
Then had the nerve to lie
So is it really my fault I'm not standing
Right by your side?
Or was I simply a victim of your
Selfish pride?

Don't ask me why
Nothing's the same,
Because everything changed
When you made the choice to change the game.

And now I walk
With my head held a little higher,
No longer balancing on one fine wire,
And I know you don't understand
Because my eyes are drier.
You live off of my life
Like a leech sucking blood but,
I will cut off the supply
Because you have a perfectly fine set of wings
But still depend on mine to fly
The fears that haunt you,
And underlie,
They are yours...
They will never be mine,
No matter how much you want them to be.

Because I am not your mother,
You are a person
Treated the same way as the other's.

I am not your mother,
Stop leaning on me to survive
I have my own life to live
And dreams that you're holding me back from,
But will not die.

I am not your mother,
So please just let me say goodbye.

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