Opposite Ends Of The World

July 1, 2011
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We stand
Next to each other
At opposite ends of
The world,
My feet are planted
And your fists are
And we try to dodge
Every word the other hurls,
As we swirl,
And twirl,
And whirl,
Until we both collide from
Our opposite sides
Of the world.

I have all the venom
Seeping through my voice
Where you have an invisible shield
To protect you from
The noise,
We have both come here
With the intention to
I want to break through your barrier
And devastate
Your poise.
I fight for what I love
And never lose
But you can dare to fight me on that
If that's what you
But just a forewarning
My words will leave
A permanent bruise
Because I am tired of all the times
It was my trust you abused.

Try something different and
Take a step closer
If you want to fight,
I want to fight
Don't give me that
Cold shoulder,
It figures that you'd grow
Just as I became
If you ever thought I was
Cruel before
I'm about to get a lot
And you will not
Take away
All of which I've finally
And if it makes you feel better to tell me
I'm the one to blame,
That's alright, because this time
I'm gonna make you remember
My name.

I'm no longer that girl
Who never says
A word,
I'm not longer that girl
Who tolerates getting
I'm no longer that girl
Made of only
Skin & bone,
I am choosing to be that girl who will
Make sure she is known.
So if you want to scream,
Go ahead and
If you want to crush my dreams
You can try
But I'll still dream,
I'm not the hopeless child
You used to see,
Your disregard no longer brings me
To my knees.

You stand
Next to me
At the opposite end of
The world,
My feet are planted
And your fists
As if seeing me for the
First time,
No longer a little girl
And we collide
From opposite ends of the world.

I am not broken
Spite you,
I am not weak
Unlike you,
And I will sabotage myself
To fight you,
So unlike you
From opposite ends of
The world
I coexist,
But my hands are at the ready
To curl back into

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