Women Unchained

July 13, 2011
Chains wrap her wrists
In a world with no winners
A place with only prisoners
One girl in chains wears them with pride
She knows if she never lost faith
God, forever on her side
So she throws her hands to the sky
"I am whole
I will be free
I know who I am
I still have an identity"
Sees beauty in a realm of ugliness
Fear a weak emotion
Aggression twists around her body like a cobra
She remains calm
Her calling,
Her destiny
Shows world no one is every alone
Peace is achievable
If only we open our minds
And hold each other in times of sadness
Chains make her body weak
But her mind and heart going strong
Strength the greatest opportunity
The day comes
As the strong girl holds a butterfly and cries
The women around her question her breaking point
Cradle the unique creature
She raises her arms high
Then she lets it go
Fluttering to the clouds out the window
Wiping tears
Receiving her breath back
"I have achieved greatness.
Although I can't see the outer world
Helping someone fly is what I longed for
For it is my calling"
One by one women stand up as much as they can
Thanking the woman who has changed everyones’ lives
In unison
All the women shout,
"We are all free!"

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