Goddes of The Skies

July 13, 2011
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With such grace she strikes,
Such attention she demands.
So compact, so tight
As she streaks from the heavens to land.
Silently, as a thief in the night
Stealing the darkness from twilight air
She advances, so stellar, so bright.
Yet her features so light, so fair.
In a flash she is awoken,
And in the same back to sleep.
Splitting midnight sky broken
Forcing night to retreat
Back into the memory of our eyes.
She, that assassin of dusk,
That hunter won’t deny
She has broken God’s trust
To leave illumination to day
And twilight to night.
With such determination she play’s
This game of wicked light
And captures but a sliver of reality
From the grasp of black.
She, in rebellious fealty,
Gives us what night lacks.
That goddess of the skies steals darkness,
Than gives it right back.

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