Your Worst Enemy, Your Illusion, Your Realization.

July 13, 2011
By ShesA_Boss BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
ShesA_Boss BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
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Sometimes the mirror
can be your worst enemy.
Truth is, you are beautiful on the outside.
Its the bitter inside that kills you.
You know you are better than this.
Sometimes, the mirror
can be an illusion.
Truth is, your amazing on the inside.
Its the outside that hurts.
You make yourself believe you cant be any better.
Sometimes, the mirror
can be your only realization.
Truth is, you've stood there long enough.
Tears, pain, and scars have outworn you.
You've learned to accept yourself without hurting yourself.

The author's comments:
Something everybody should know is that they shouldn't ever have to change themselves for a single person's satisfaction. You are the way you are for a reason. Be happy about who you are.

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