Modern Day Romeo And Juliet

July 13, 2011
Can we be a modern day Romeo and Juliet
You serenade me at the bottom of my window
I’ll glance down and in a hushed breath
I tell you to quiet down
I don’t want my dad to catch you
Because he’s promised to shoot you if he sees you again
You say you don’t care but I couldn’t go through the pain
My dad would go to jail
And I would be charged with the crime
The crime of loving you which is a forbidden act
And can I please have a dime to call you back
And tell you that I love you
And now I know it’s true because my life is just about us
And I’ll be here until we’re both lying on our death beds
Forever wishing that you would be there to catch me
Always hoping the sight before my last breath be
Because it’s such a beautiful view
And I’m just waiting for the day when it will become true

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