She will be Loved.

July 12, 2011
She felt so alone. Like no one cared about her. Yes, she had friends & family who cared.. but she was always in denial about it. She always felt as she was worthless.. that was all she ever heard from this one boy, who ruined middle school for her. She used to be so wild and free spirited.. now she's always ready to cry. She seems to be doing that more and more.. she doesnt sleep, she stays up.. and cries, and beggs God to help her.. it seems as he doesnt hear her cry, although she knows he does. She's almost to the point of loosing hope.. but, she's trying to hold on.. She has one friend she can talk to, it hurts him almost as much as it hurts her to know how she feels, he's the only one who comes close to understanding her. Still, she knew no one could even understand completely. She doesn't even try to get help, because she doesn't want to be judged. Then there was that day when she met him, he made her world completely different.. she became happy, she hadn't felt this way in a long time. Then she found out this was all a lie, all of her emotions came back at her at once. She can't smile. She doesn't understand how every one can act like everthing is alright. She still is sad... but she makes it through because she knows Jesus loves her.. and she still has hope that one day he'll come back to her & she'll be okay again. <3

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