Are you really just a guy?

We were always together
from the beginning of life
our love grew stronger
as did my feelings inside
you were my best friend
now my heart wants to die
because I no longer care
I want “Us” to fly
a brand new beginning
it’ll be like the first time
but i’m afraid to tell you
so i just lie
i know your curious
but i dont know why
why would you care
you should be just a guy

From enemies to best friends
age has defined
I knew you when I had cooties
it’s been along time
when we were together
i was a girl
you were just a guy
now everything has changed
Its hard to get by
my feelings;rearranged
so I start to cry

You’ve always been there
and you still are
Your different then others
you actually care
now when your far
i want you close
I want things back to normal
when we were best friends
I don’t like these feeling
I hope their just a trend
We’ve always been close
and I don’t want that to end
i’ll never risk it,
i’ll never think about it again

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SavannahMcKenna said...
Dec. 17, 2011 at 2:15 pm
i totally get this one...the  guy bestfriend thing....very good...check me out?
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