life at the International Space Station

July 12, 2011
>>First Day:

I'm waiting for the bell to ring
it's gotta release me
stuck inside this room thinking
oh please god, just kill me
someone, tell me, what this is ?
why are we even in here ?
we're not bad kids

I'm not crazy, but by day 3- yeah, maybe.
six hours locked up, no talking or texting
just doing homework, you think I've learned my lesson ?
in school suspension
ten times WORSE than detention
oh yeah, and did I mention -
ms. what's-her-face watching me ?
stalking me, to make sure I'm not messing -
around anymore .
I've never done anything bad before

my track record's been clean until now
parents were so proud
till they found out how
I ruined my life and I messed up my future
no more privileges
no more trust from my teachers .

everything taken away
just one stupid mistake
didn't even give me time to say:
that I'm sorry
but you know how hard it comes ?
so young, so dumb
just wanted to have fun
but now it's done

I can't take back what I did.
I can't get rid - of all these rumors and lies
all these years wasted
so hard to build the first time
my rep, my status, my trust with all of you
but most importantly
mommy and daddy, please know that i love you .

>>15 minutes before the bell:

yup, it's been two days
locked up with stoners always.
yeah, I guess they're cool
but I'm tired of going to school

and not seeing all my friends
but why should I even miss them ?
the reason I'm in this room
is cause what they all assumed

they all stabbed me in the back
my teacher says I can't get 'em back
says I can't go out and seek my revenge
but who else is gonna go out and make sure
that I'm avenged ?

I wanted to send-
some guys to go and mess them up for me
but what the hell, I might as well
deliver it personally

I really don't trust anyone else to do my dirty work
I shouldn't really trust anyone
I always end up getting hurt
getting betrayed and having to deal with adults and faculty
next time, just remember, don't put yourself before your morality .

>>Word of the Day:

I just can't wait to get outta here
can't wait to break outta here
I'm trying to calm down
but it's just so hot in here

keep checking my mirror
checking my nervous expression
today's the last day-
so why am I even stressin' ?

I get to go back to all my regular classes
but do you even realize how nerve racking that is ?
what have people been saying 'bout me all this time ?
I'll walk with my head up like I don't really mind

but I really do, can you tell me who
wouldn't classify me as a s***?
but I'm so much more
dance team, what do you take me for ?
yeah sure, so I did some bad stuff that night
but it doesn't seem right
for you to forget the real me
and to see me in a totally different light

well yeah, I guess, that it's more of a dark
left it's mark, on my face,
can I please have a fresh start ?
whatever happened to second chances ?
to forgive and forget ?
don't you remember the real me ?
so sweet and innocent ?

i can't quit drumming my fingers
chewing my lip, the apprehension still lingers
what's gonna happen to me the next couple of years ?
shut up girl
just face up to your fears .

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