Miss. Royal Flush

July 12, 2011
By LilBoo BRONZE, Martinsville, New Jersey
LilBoo BRONZE, Martinsville, New Jersey
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It is only on the outside
Where you can see
There is simply nothing wrong
Nothing wrong with me.

I could sit here
Say that I have everything that I have ever wanted
And you would never know that it was a lie
Because it seems like there is nothing
That I do not get.

To wake up every morning
In a king size bed
Held within a room
With a walk in closet
Filled with clothes on each and every rack.

To swiftly walk down a grand stairway
Into the marble floored kitchen
Spilling with granite counter tops.

The choices of food from everywhere
From the fun filled pantry for everyone
To the delicious choices in the fridge
The possibilities are endless.

See money is no problem
But where money is
People think that problems seize to exist.

Daddy seems to do great
Treat his daughters like queens
And his son like a king
A seemingly perfect family picture
It must be a royal flush.

Where is the real queen though?
To match up
With the king
Who treats his daughters like princesses
And his son like a prince.

For it would be a royal mistake
To say that she was here
To treat her daughters like princesses
And her son like a prince
Along with their father.

Even though perfect daddy
Seems to treat his kids like gold
Each princess
And the prince
Could promise you
They are nothing but a royal screw up
In their heinous eyes.

On the outside I am nothing but a queen
To come from royalty
Call me Miss. Royal Flush if you would like
Just because I seem to have it all
But on the inside
I come from nothing
But that of a life of a peasant.

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