Broken perfection

July 12, 2011
Don’t need to be fixed in order to be strong
I don’t need measuring to know how long
This pain will last or the tears will fall
I don’t need a guide on how to end it all
To be honest, I’d rather stay in broken bits
Instead of trying to find the pieces that fit
I’d rather stay bruised and scarred
Instead of living a life that isn’t at all hard
Broken is beautiful, broken is what you are inside
So broken, you cant fix yourself if you tried
Broken is perfect, cause broken means flaws
Those little malfunctions make you perfect,
Even if you’re a monster with claws
My kinda perfection is perfection with cracks
Of shredded heart edges and razorblade tracks
My kinda heart is a heart that bleeds
Causes it shows something your missing,
And something you need to get
Some kind of repair, that you wont soon regret
When your wounds patch together
You wont have to carry the uneasy burden of pain forever
Don’t you see why broken is so perfect?
It’s cause we can always make it worth it
We can still be strong, though pain eats at our hearts.
We still stand strong through all the hard parts
So broken I shall be, if broken I must
And let my missing pieces dissolve and turn to dust
Broken is perfection and flaws are pretty
Cause they shine brighter then the lights in new your city
My kinda perfect is the guys and girls broken
Hug them till they suffocate and kiss them till their swollen
Let your insecurities out, and let your beautiful cracks show
Just forever let that broken perfection glow
Cause you’re something amazing
Whether you believe it or you don’t
And whether you’ll show it or you wont
Just know that your part of my favorite selection
A very beautiful disaster, of broken perfection

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