Who I am

July 12, 2011
Let this rain fall, and carry away,
All the things I’ve done today.

Let me forget it, and let it be gone.
How was I to know that I’d be so wrong?

You don’t know the pain,
That comes with wearing all these chains.

To be compared and but never known,
For what you are when you’re alone.

People don’t see me for what I can be,
They only see what I’m missing.

That I’ll never be good, I’ve got no chance.
I’ll never be able to go that distance.

But let me tell you, you don’t know me at all.
I wont answer to anymore of your calls.

You don’t mean anything to me anymore,
So don’t come knocking at my door.

You had your chance, you gave it up.
And now you’re the one who’s out of luck.

So go away and just let me be,
The person that you never wanted to see.

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