See this smile on my lips

July 12, 2011
See this smile on my lips
Hear the laughter in my voice
Notice the change?
It’s not the same as it used to be
It’s no longer a fake
No longer a phony
And no longer a fraud.

The smile you see
And the laughter you hear
Is genuine
It’s real, it’s true, and sincere.

No, no prince charming came
Riding on a white stallion,
Sweeping me off my feet and changing my world.
And no, no one’s treating me any different or better.
Everything’s still exactly the same

Nothing and no one’s changed except me.
No longer do I care
About what you think or say about me/
No longer will I let you destroy me.
And no more will I let you take advantage of me.
I won’t shed another tear caused by you.
No longer will I cut
I refuse to destroy my body
And lose my soul.
And never will suicide
Or self destruction cross my mind.

So many years I suffered and cried myself to sleep
Begging god for death all because of you.
But now I’m older, wiser, and stronger.
I finally opened my eyes and realized its time
Time for me to stop cutting and crying.

So I want to tell you
Say and think what you want.
But don’t waste your time trying to hurt me
It’s useless cause I no longer care.
I’m done, I’m finished, I’m sick, and I’m tired.
Tired of being sad, sick of being hurt
Done trying to change for you and finished caring.

Take me for who I am
Or don’t take me at all
At the end its your lost.
But do me a favor and stop trying to put me down.
You’re just wasting your time cause there’s no point
I finally accept who I am and I’m proud.
It’s a feeling I never had.

No, no fairy godmother came and waved her magic wand
And no, no knight and shining armor came
And saved me from the evil witch.
I did it all on my own.
I saved myself from the grip of death.

But does it still hurt,
Knowing people don’t accept who you are?
Truth is the pan will never leave
Nor the hurt or insecurity.
But I wont make the same mistake twice.
I wont let it takeover and control my life.

Do I ever regret making those mistakes?
No, I’m thankful for them
Cause it made me who I am today.
It made me older wiser and stronger.
It helped me see the world on a new way.

So as you see I’m a new and better person.
I have no intentions on going back
Or dwelling on my past.
Keep moving forward step by step
And keep smiling as you walk
Going through all the obstacles
Determined to reach the finish line
Don’t care about what people think or say
Don’t change just to fit in
Be yourself and be proud
Is my new motive.

See this smile on my lips
Hear the laughter in my voice
Notice the change?
It’s not the same as it used to be
It’s no longer a fake

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