Life is like a piece of paper

July 12, 2011
Life is like a piece of paper
Pure and innocent at the start,
Ready to be filled with adventures.
Many will leave their mark.
But the choice is always yours.
As the pen meets your paper
The true journey begins,
And though the mistakes can be crossed out
They will be there for all time.
When you hit the middle
There’s no time to go back,
Causing despair for most
Wishing they could change their past.
Overtime this paper might be lost,
Forgotten and alone on an empty pathway.
This paper could change the world,
By the thoughts and words you hold in your heart
Only by your one simple piece of paper,
At the end this paper is filled
Ready to reflect you journeys had
Abounding with laughter and mourning
Tears of joy and of pain
This paper might float away
But the words will never die

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