July 12, 2011
By QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
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No im not a FREAK but im jus UNIQUE and nomatter what any1 else tells me i kno 4ever in my heart that i am BEAUTIFUL-MINNI
take me 4 who i am or dont take me atall at the end its ur loss i can find a million people like u but theres only one me-MNNI

Where I’m from if you’re American
You’re considered rich

Where I’m from the streets are filled with the
Vibrant rainbows of people’s clothes
Sharees for the ladies
And panjabis for the men

where I’m from the rich and spicy flavors of
birani, tandoori chicken, shobzi, and korma
carries its way in to the mud streets
from the windows of the house where guests have arrived

where I’m from the bakeries are filled with the sweet
mouth watering aroma of roshmallie and roshogollas
tempting for you to buy

where I’m from the hot blazing sun will burn your skin
turning your skin caramel

where I’m the night sapphire sky
is filled with twinkling stars
you can actually see…unlike new York

where I’m from you can here the mothers
scolding there children to behave and stay clean

where I’m from stray dogs, chickens, baboons, and ducks
roam the streets somehow always having enough to eat

where I’m from a beggar knocks on your door every second
asking for money or parboiled rice

where I’m from isn’t really where I’m from
I’m Bengali by blood
but American by birth

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