My broken angel

July 12, 2011
By QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
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My proud little angel
Holds her head up high
With her wings outstretched freely
She escapes onto the sky
She can’t take me with her
For I have no wings of my own
But I’m always ready to catch her
So she knows she’s not alone

My perfect little angel
Is so pure she shines bright white
When the darkness comes to get me
She bathes me in her light
I protect her from the demons
Who try to take her away
I hide her from the terrors
That plagues me everyday

My scared little angel
Trembles beneath my arms
I do my absolute best
To keep her out of harm
But I alone was not enough
To keep this angel pure
Our world was so corrupt
There was no way she could endure

My saddened little angel
Holds her halo in her hands
Afraid to shine to brightly
Because now she understands
She understands that she was hurt
By the young girl who gave her life
She understands my pain now
And it stabs her like a knife

My broken little angel
Wipes away my tears
She herself is crying
As I realize my greatest fears
I didn’t want my angel
To know that I was in pain
I wanted her to shine on
And fly right on through the rain
But her light is slowly fading
Her halo is in the drawer
Her wings are bent and broken
She cannot fly anymore

My broken little angel cries
When she thinks I can’t see

My broken angel flies
But only in her dreams

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