The World Is Vain

July 12, 2011
The one i want
is as close as he'll ever get
as always my eyes are wet
and full of tears
all i want is him
He's cooler than invader zim
my arms are scarred
from the pain i have buried
in deep
all i ever do is weep
and bleed out
all the pain
stand and shout
to a world so vain
please erase all my pain
sorrow and grief
happiness is always brief
when she died
so did i
once again
as i cry
searing pain
what can i gain
from all these tears
they do me
more harm than good
people are
as stiff as wood
no feelings
just killings
and beatings
and assaults
bad bad world
everyone is so cold
am i the one
that's really bold?
cut to relieve
no one can believe
all my pain
and suffering
all because
the world is vain

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Snowi said...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 6:11 pm
hate comments???? never. you may not cut anymore, but that don't mean you ain't no rebel! right? gotcha didn't i? well good one anyways. i love all you poems that i've read. you notice?
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