Its about me, not you

July 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember when I was so weak and so small
Whenever I had problems you were the first to call
You were the on I trusted with all my heart
You promised not to break it instead you ripped it apart
I whispered my secrets and yelled my biggest fears
You were the one to hold my hand throughout the years
I remember the day you vanished out of sight
I cried and cried you took away all my might
I had loved you and thought you had knew
Everything I've done it was all for you
After you left I was in a bad state of mind
There was no point in living I wanted to die
Without you to hold it, my world crumbled and fell
When you left me my life turned into a living he**
You dont have any idea what you've done
I havent been happy and I havent hade fun
Forget it, forget you, forget everything I've said
After you read this I hope you see the tears I've shed.

The author's comments:
I had written this poem for my godmother. She was always there for me, then she wasn't it hurt me alot. and i wanted to show how it hurt me in a poem. if you have any comments please feel free to post them.

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