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July 12, 2011
By Casper GOLD, Couer D&#39 Alene, Idaho
Casper GOLD, Couer D&#39 Alene, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you still...But I love him just as much and he hasn't hurt me like you have" -Casper-

Do I invade your thoughts everyday.
Like you do mine?
Do you dream about me,
Like I do you?
'Cause boy you seem to
To be all that I think about...
I wanna go back
Back to that day
It was you and me
In your little Toyota pick up truck
I don't know if you knew just
How nervous I really was
Oh baby, I'd give anything to go
Back to that day just once
That day behind that little Mormon church,
In your truck
With the rain pouring down on your windows
I was on your lap kissing you softly
Wondering what this really meant
You say you like me
And that you wanna do this again
But what we don't expect is the
Very next day
He picks a fight
You say that you think it'd be better
If we didn't talk for awhile
You apparently regretted that day with me
But how could you regret it if you wanted to
Do it again?
We meet again...about a month later
At the golf course with Aubs
I get cold so you make me wear your jacket
You flirt with me, and keep flashing that
Gorgeous smile that goes all to perfectly with your
Beautiful emerald green eyes
Later that nigh snuggled up close
Aubs leaves for a second and immediately
Your kissing me
When she gets back its as if nothing happened whatsoever
When you're sure she's turned the other way
Your holding me close
Who knew the very next day you'd break my heart?
Turns out you don't like me at all, never did...
What I don't get is why would you do all that id you didn't even like me?
What was the point?
What did you gain? Nothing, just a sad girl who can't get over you.... </3

The author's comments:
All this time you were pretending... :'/

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