Witout Love, What Is Life?

July 13, 2011
Suffocating my heart, beating my lungs
No words saying nothing to anyone, to no one rolls of my tongue
Insane chills of silences
As I hear myself dying.
Brain fears.
Body collapses
No one to hold me in his or her arms when I fall into an everlasting nap
No one cares for the sake of my burial place
No one will care to dress me in satin or lace
Loneliness controls and consumes your body as well as your souls
Without love, what is life? But a willow tree
Glazed evenly with sorrow.
No one will care if I am here tomorrow
I got to face the reality and realize
That all these doctors and parents just making up lies
No one has a heart it’s just an empty pit, or you love-o-meter is broken or won’t fit
Or your heart is other thing to add to your organ gallery
You have to act like you adore people to get that high salary
When the world starts spinning and everyone turns
And there are no more pictures left to burn
Love hopefully will bring us back
Or everything will die and there will be tons more corpses to stack

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