Come on home

July 11, 2011
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Baby, please come on home
For you're the one I love
No longer can I go on
You were the reason I woke up in the morning
No longer shall I mistreat you
'Cause you're the one I need
You showed me what I am missing
Then all the sudden you disappear
Why would you disappear
Didn't you know how much I need you
Please come on home
There is so much I want to show you
Yet it seems like your not coming home
Come back to me
For we have so much to learn from each other
Please don't run away from me
You know we belong together
Don't listen to the world
For the only one you need to listen to
Is your own heart
Please come on home, baby
I need you more then ever
Don't turn your back on me now
You know what really matters to you
Please come on home
Baby, please stop running form me
Why are you so afraid to let love in
For I would go to the end of the earth
If i meant being with you
Stop running away from love and me
For you deserve much more then I can give
Please come back to me
I can't promise anything at all
What I can say is I love you
Baby come back to me
I want you laying beside me
Better yet laying in my arms
I will hold you when you cry
Never would I watch you in pain
And not do anything about it
Baby there is nothing I would not do for you
Since your the one I love
No one else Can take your place in this time
Please come home
For I am waiting with wide open arms
All you have to do is accept my love
So what do you say baby
Come on baby you know what I hold
You have nothing to worry about
But you have everything to lose
Please take a risk
'Cause you might just find out how luck you are
Only you can make that choice
For it's your life not mine
Only you can decide what happens next in your life
I shall never give up on you baby
Don't ever think I will though
For you would only by lying to yourself
You're the one I really want
Please all i ask is come on home
Baby, I miss you dearly
Come on home

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