Suicide Letter

July 11, 2011
By toriii BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
toriii BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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"Don't live in the moment, live for forever"

Sorry mom,
I had to do it.
Nothing anybody said could get me through it.I called everyone and asked for help & to know they cared,
But I called and no one was there.
I got a bunch of voice mails and "talk to you later"'s
Never had I felt a pain that was greater.
I thought all the voices in my head were just lies,
There's only so much pain I can get out by a cry.
Even if I didn't pass like this I probably would've starved,
not eating for a couple days is really hard.
They made me feel worthless, but its true.
My life isn't something that I value.
I stopped making art on my arms and was left with a canvas,
And did you see all my smiles? I'm such an actress.
Well mom, none of this is your fault so don't be at blame.
I just hope I put all these bullies to shame.
The people that took away all my pride
and left me in the dark alone to hide.
Left me feeling like I had nowhere to turn,
But to just sit here and cry and burn.
They might as well be charged with murder,
I've held all these emotions inside with the weight of an anchor.
So with one click to a glock, no one to defend.
This was my story and this is the end.

Hello? Is anyone there?
I know I heard a voice I swear.

Do you believe me now?
Do you still have doubt?

Oh my, I didn't know you were real.
I never knew your presence was something I'd feel.

It's very true, I've been here all along.
My angels & I have been praying all night long.
Hoping we'd get to you before the demons,
Tried to show you Godly love and its meaning.
You lived with blinders on your eyes, why were they closed?
You missed all the things I was trying to expose.
When you called out for me I was there I was listening.
I watched you tear up as your green eyes were glistening.
You turned off all the lights, wanting it to be dark,
But I always found a way to make light, even a spark.
Cause I was there through the darkness, I was there through it all.
Didn't you notice when you cried all the rainfall?
Your pain took up all the room in your heart,
Making me move to your gut when I had to depart.
You still didn't listen, you only listened to what went in your ears.
I saw all the terror in your face and all the fear.
You thought you weren't loved, so that's how it seemed.
Well my love is the kind that redeems.
Now that you know I'm real and so is my love,
I want you to scream it from the rooftops above.
Tell everyone like you not to be scared.
That my love is something that can't be compared.
And in the darkness, there's always light.
And a fire in your heart just waiting to ignite.
We all serve a purpose and here is yours,
to speak of me, you'll get encores.
I'll give you another chance because I'm not done with you yet.
Every problem was a lesson, not a regret.
So go and be on your way
and tell your mom I said sorry for the delay.

The author's comments:
As you can tell, a girl commits suicide because of bullying and feeling unworthy. She meets God and he explains to her his love and gives her a second chance to start over.

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