The Way I See

July 10, 2011
My feet leads to the roots
Of the women who gave
Birth to those who somehow inspire Me in each and every way

My blood is connected to expression in which ran through the Va ins of the men and women who stood before me bleeding to ensure that my life would be better than theirs could've been

My tears resemble the struggles
That Still invades my mind
Like unwanted company in the
Most dangerous places

I see faces of implication that judgment is being made in my mind They fade but those people who spit On me mentally and verbally
Not knowing who I am but knowing what they see

I wonder if they see the real me
Because my beauty isn't skin deep
Its more than the naked eye can see

Don't judge me by what you hear or see because your perception of me
Is no more than lies roaming within the brain of an idiot.

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