How To Wear A ... Shoe [Not Tie]

July 10, 2011
This is not the place for debate
Not the place on how to wear a tie
Not the place to make your opinion late
But the place to stand up high

And this is how to wear a shoe
But remember, it is simply up to you...
Whether the weather makes your shoe blue
Or if your shoe with time comes undo

You could wear them backwards,
or forwards sitting
You could mix and match them as you like
The possibilities I say are far from nothing
Where the where you wear your shoes can be alike!

Maybe you like clown shoes
Or big shoes
Small shoes
and shoes that only go half way

But the shoes you wear, you will love
I guarantee that, and no one can tell You not, that not to wear them.
Because your shoes make you "you" and above!

So go ahead and get a pair of shoes
Or one shoe if you would like
And flaunt what you wish
Because that's truly how to wear a shoe!

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