I Will Someday

July 10, 2011
I will burn every memory
Swallow all my tears
Unleash this growing pain inside me
Embrace all my fears
No secret can I keep
I need someone to know
How deep these wounds really are
The ones I will never show
Too quick to speak my mind
I will learn to hold my tongue
We all must make mistakes
And the night is still so young
I no longer see the light
Lost belief that dreams come true
I will forget my past
Brainwashed 'til there is no you
I will wear my ebony shades
Blind to the world as it's blind to me
Hide in a corner far away
Suffer for an eternity
Smiling has become a habit
But I bleed through the cracks
I will cry no more I swear
Or else my face be stained of black
I will play my loud music so quiet
Too late to stop the curse
Rapidly the notes spiral around me
Until he is in every verse
Every night I lay in deep slumber
My thoughts become so free
I will soon admit that someday
He will soon forget me
The feelings will dissappear
I will not be haunted by the past
Too good of a dream come true
Never meant to last
Praying to this so-called God
Wishing on the stars above
That this desire will go away
And once again I will believe in love
Untill that day I rest assure
I will put the pain behind me
My heart is flying solo
Waiting for my true love to find me

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xXStephmeisterXx said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 1:47 pm
This is absolutely beautiful writing.
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