Mothers Day

June 18, 2011
May 12, 1996. my birth day, it was also mothers day.
That day I came into this world giving my mom her first baby girl
that mothers day my mom went through a lot of pain, but in the end she cried and gave me a name
I wish I could tell you how much it meant to me
to be given a chance to live and be on the family tree
I could never begin to tell you how much it means to me
to have a mom like you
fun and loving, your always there
beautiful and caring your why I’m here
when ever I fell, when ever I cried
you were my trusting friend my shoulder to cry
every day of my short little life, I thought about what I could possibly do
to show you I love you
I do the dishes when you don't ask, I take care of kids and make them laugh
I try to be the best daughter I can be
to show you just what you mean to me
but some times life is tough
we fight we yell our voices get rough
sometimes we say things we don't mean
I know I have
but after I come out of my room I see you
your young, your beautiful, your my mom and even if the world ends
I can never change that
so when I grow up I want to be just like you
I want to be able to stare people in the eye and tell them how much I care
I want to see the world for what it is, beautiful and there
just like you
someday I want people to ask me
what makes you so happy?
Know what my answer is?
everything that I will and have done
the person I'll someday become
it was all because you were there for me
thick and thin, your there to the end
and even though I’m a teenager now
and sometimes I don't want to obey your law
all I really want to do is make you proud
so on this mothers day all I could really say
is thank you so much for letting me live today
so enjoy this mothers day, you deserve more then one day
and now my poem has come to an end but I still have one final thing to say
I love you mommy, and I always will

Happy Mothers Day

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