Finish Line

June 18, 2011
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The finish line of every race brings grandeur, pity, shame
The finish line is the end, termination, pain

You’ve reached it now,
you know you’re through
You’ve see it all,
done what you do

As time ran out,
you ran hard to try to beat the clock
You were drowning in the sea once,
but now you’re on the dock

Can you now see that no race is won with speed, dexterity, grace?
For in winning you beat the clock, you ended our steady pace

In winning you have left behind
the things that you did love
And now you stand alone,
because now you rank above

And in every breath you hear regret, it rattles on and on
And in every step you try to take you realize time is gone

You sprinted out and stayed there,
determined to be at the end first
But was termination necessary,
the ending warped and cursed

For those who run to win the race and not enjoy life along the way
Are bound to lose the life they had, because all the others stayed

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