Mr. Ambiguous

June 18, 2011
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Picture this,
The dying light before our last kiss
An apricot sky laced with fire in the morning
The sailor's warning, A lover's quest
This love no less.
"It was all cool and limber, it was only
Skin and bone."

Evoke this image from behind closed eyes
Let it flood the deepest dells of memory, Gush-
Engulf those emeralds in a flame of moisture
Give him a power over you,
But Beware
He cries too

Lonely woman of the Forest - My minds ghost
Rectify this,
To hold her with all that is delicacy
To crush her to an exotic powder
Feel her rush through a coursing chest.
This heart of mine needs to rest
"It was a lonely winter, Lost
In the fiery drone."

Deconstruct this character from his core
Is he a man at all? Or simply a fragrant whore
Let this avalanche deluge, Crush-
Cover my cuts and wounds with the waterloo
That my mind might live beneath the masquerade,
But Beware
He hides too

Homily - burden on my breast
Glorify me now,
You know not the pain of that simple gesture, How
Only the most tortured corners of my mind could comprehend
"Forgive, or forgo your demise." You jest
To Grace the unwanted guest

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