My one and ONLY brother

June 26, 2011
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We fight so many times a day more times than a clock ticks to every second more times than a car passes by a stop sign;when you argue that much it gets to be a daily routine. But these last few days I've been thinking that he and only is a brother to me,he has my blood,and he is a part of me. I start to think that how would it be if he weren't in this world and if something terrible happens to him? What would be my reaction how would life be without him? But when I'm in a dispute at school none of my friends are going to help me out when I really need some (they give gestures when it never help) the only one that comes to help me is my brother the person I am related to my blood! That is why I am thinking to myself right now how could it be that the person that will always be there for me is my enemy I've heard the saying "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."But is he truly the person that is my enemy in life? Is that the way that you show care for one another is constant fighting or bickering or is that just our own way of showing sympathy what ever it is I realised something... that I don't have another brother to have my back through trials and tributes and I won't have someone in my blood to be there for me when there is no one left in my family except..., so instead of showing care to my friends and telling them I will be there for them when I know I'm really not ,when they go through their trials and tributes. I should be showing care for the one that will always be there for me through the good and the bad MY ONE AND ONLY BROTHER.

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