Beneath the power of her wand

June 28, 2011
a lighthouse

glimmering against the thick black sky.

The mystery lingers throughout the stars,

the slap of each crest relinquish the fury.

this alarming sensation,

creates curiousity of the motives.

Malignant and Mortal,

is all that is processed in these courageous waves.

For the rapid speed of each layer of water can perplex the fragile little soul of yours.

That pure soul..

Solid as a fist,

damaged as a battle wound.

Can it handle the abrupting alarms it carries?

Or will it be burdened,

Straining these wounds until they are rid of.

Never the less,

Bow down to this sacred lighthouse,

For the essence of all youth

will be abandoned.

All think this is what the lighthouse glorifies in,

the destructive powers of her wishes,


inside her lighted residence,

underlies the midst of a forgotten heart,

it lies pulsing in the arms of no one.

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Logan1315 said...
Jul. 26, 2011 at 6:59 pm
Loved it!!!
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