Love and Hate at the end of the day

July 9, 2011
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Love and Hate
Most will not think that they are the same
Most would tell you that they are completely different
But they are wrong, in a way
Love is a wonderful thing
Makes you carefree
Happy, filled with air
You wake up each morning ready to start the day
You go to bed at night, sighing with happiness
Glad just to dream about them for the night
The long talks you have
The way his eyes can see into your soul
Read your mind, without words
Know what will upset you
They know every bit of your soul
They know your past
Your hopes for the future
And how your coping with the present
They are constantly on your mind
You don’t forget about them for a minute
You miss them the moment they leave your side
Hate comes afterwards
The broken hearts
Along with shattered plates
That were thrown against a wall
The yelling
Knowing what words that will hurt the most
Striking at the person who once held your heart
The slam of the door as they leave
How mad you are at them
For cheating, and leaving you
In the middle of love, the middle of your fairy tale
Your mad, because they took a part of you
They broke all their promises
On a spin of a dime
They saw a new girl
And couldn’t resist the temptation
You weren’t worth it for them
Even if you gave it all for them
They don’t care
Hate, follows love, no matter what
Because at the end of the day
You can always hate the person that broke your heart the most
because you had a piece of theirs once too

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