Give Back to Me

July 9, 2011
By Dhalyak92 SILVER, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Dhalyak92 SILVER, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
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I'm starting to question is it
even worth it.
Why can't everything go back to being perfect?
My skies used to be so bright and so blue,
but now they're so dark-
What should I do?
I just need some attention,
I cry out for affection,
but I get none.
I don't ask for a lot and when I do
I ask for stupid things, such as food.
This is the poem I am writing to you, so you all know how i'm
feeling- And what you could possibly do.
Instead of arguing with me,
agree to disagree- because baby
that just adds more stress on me.
To everyone else stop bringing me down,
I had braces for a reason
And it wasn't for a frown.
Apprieciate all that I do
Because I try so hard, not even for me-for all of you.
I don't believe i'm asking for much
And at this point if you think so,
then tough.
It's time for me to move on and heal, Get the girl back who's been gone for a year. I can't do it alone, so please be here.
All i'm asking for is all that I have been giving, that's the only way i'll agree to continue living.

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