Lost in a Memory

July 9, 2011
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I used to be
Your go-to-girl.
You were bored? Lonely?
I'd be there.
You went on a trip somewhere,
And you would take me with you.
We spent days on end together,
Went to the beach everyday,
And then watched the stars fade at night.
We were in-sperable, best friends.
Now what?
I can't seem to understand what happened.
You don't acknowledge me when I'm around;
You took my entire existence and threw it
In the corner of your mind.
It's like I'm not good enough for you anymore.
And It bothers me so much that no one believes me
When I say you are a sweet and funny guy-
Because you hide that side of you.
You hide it from the world, behind a wall so thick,
That I so desperately want to smash down.
I wish you knew that I miss you.
The old you.
The one who stood by me for everything.
And the one who I not only thought of as a cousin,
But as a brother.
I used to look at you- and it would be like a mirror.
A glimpse of myself would be there with you.
Now, when my eyes take a look at you:
It's like broken glass.
I'm shattered
And forgotten.

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