They say

July 9, 2011
They say practice makes perfect and try and try again.
They say in order to have them you have to be a friend.
They say never give up, or else that means you fail.
They say work out and you’ll be strong instead of frail.

I know that I will try and never get it right.
I know as kind as I can be you’d much rather fight.
I know that if I give up it won’t hurt anybody.
I know that my strength doesn’t make me somebody.

They say if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.
They say if you like music, but can’t dance, then sing.
They say be happy and don’t worry.
They say life goes by fast so don’t be in such a hurry.

I know that I would stand if my knees weren’t bent.
I know that my talents don’t matter if they are poorly spent.
I know that I would be happy if I wasn’t so sad.
I know that I shouldn’t enjoy life because I’m so bad.

They say love everyone like Jesus loved you.
They say never lie, always say what’s true.
They say have respect and don’t do what’s wrong.
They say you are just a kid. You don’t have to be strong.

I know that they I can love them like Jesus, but they won’t love me like that.
I know that the truth can hurt, like being hit with a bat.
I know that sometimes what’s wrong is right.
I know I’m young, but I have to be strong to win this fight.

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