Take me away

July 9, 2011
Take me away.
To anywhere but life.
I can’t stop the bleeding.
Does this mean I’m bound to die?
The pain is killing me.
Stealing bits of my soul.
How do I tell you?
I used to bring your life sunshine, now all I am is a storm.
The wave of sadness and anger immerses my heart.
I think my ears might explode from how loud my music is.
But how else do I numb my mind?
I can’t feel your arms wrap around me even though they’re plain as day.
You sit right beside me hoping, but I’m miles and miles away.
My heart is broken.
There are the pieces.
Don’t touch them they will cut you.
The reason I’m bleeding.
Take me away.
Try not to make it painful.
I can take it either way.
I can be strong just one more day.
I’m hurt, let down, and not myself.
In another world, just another girl.
I feel like a zombie already dead.
Take me away from here.
Save me.

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