Song to my Prince

July 9, 2011
I wait.
My knees patiently glued to the carpet.
I pray.
My heart constantly calling your name.
I want to tell you I love you.
I want to be yours.
Like Jacob, work for me until I am yours.
Call out to me and I will drop everything and come running.
Through rain, through deserts, through blizzards.
Whatever I must endure as long as I end up in your arms.
I almost say my love for you is unrequited.
I detest that word.
But my love for you will be yours for me.
One day... as soon as you know.
Don't forget me.
Even if you have had many women, like Wise Solomon,
let me be the special One you love.
Be my bridegroom and my beloved.
There will be a Ceremony in Heaven for me.
I will be united someday if you never show,
To the Lover of my very soul.
Please, I ask not that you ride up on a noble steed.
Just that you don't forget me.
I don't ask for a knight in armor,
nor for a rescue.
Just that I could always be with you.
Loving, seeing, watching, all for you.
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, please, that you would dream of me and stay true.
For God alone knows,
I have fought for you and I.
He knows the love I have in the depths of my soul.
Pouring out like a fountain for you.
Ask Him for my key and unlock my heart.
For I gave it to God to hold and to keep.
If He sees you fit, you will set it free.
Oh, my Prince, please come for me.

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