I am NOT Nothing

July 9, 2011
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I let you tear me down and make me nothing,
Let you rip me apart inside.
I believed you when you said I was only a liar,
Believed that I would never be anything more.
I walked on eggshells with you,
Like walking through fire, waiting to be burnt.
I kept apologizing, trying to get you to see,
Kept letting you control and shape my view of me.

But now, I'm done.

I am not nothing, I never was. I am beautiful and strong.
I lied, but I'll lever let it define me, I've been sorry all along.
I will not continue to kiss up to you, like I did before.
While your opinions really hurt me badly, they're not who I am anymore.
I'm proud of who I am today, proud I made it through,
And finally I can truly say, being happy doesn't mean having you.

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