July 8, 2011
By ATerrifying BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
ATerrifying BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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A gentle breeze
Passes through
My fingertips
As I race toward my
Final Oblivion
And I think of all the things
That I've done
I've told you
I love you
I've held you
Walking and
This is not
Time to joke around
I can leave this world
Without a sound
At any moment
Should you be
Foolish enough
To try and
Search for me
You can find me
Where I've always
And you cry
Of the times we've had
Blessing the days
Even sad
Hold me as I cry
Walking and talking
Making something out of nothing
To find your love
You must look no further
The sky holds
All that you may seek.

The author's comments:
I was asked by a friend to write a poem about one word, and that word was "stars". This poem has absolutely nothing to do with the person that I wrote it for, but I'm very happy with it the way it is. I hope people understand by reading this that love isn't about just holding someone's hand and flirting with them. That when you go to the mall and you see the little old men pushing the even smaller old women in wheelchairs, you see how they look at one another and you can almost feel their love. Their endless devotion to make the other happy. Their true, everlasting friendship. That, is what this poem is about.

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