Plastic Hearts

July 10, 2011
By CaraFriend123 GOLD, Rock Hill, Missouri
CaraFriend123 GOLD, Rock Hill, Missouri
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We say that we love each other,
but that's a dirty lie.
If everyone was honest,
we would surely die.

The truth would upset us,
make us hate, and make us mean,
but we keep the truth inside of us,
so it can't be seen.

You lie to that person,
to get them to love you,
and that sad part is that you also lie,
to one main person; you.

Plastic hearts are everywhere,
inside of me and you..
but what if suddenly that plastic breaks?
What would we all do?

The author's comments:
When I got to high school, I really realized how fake everyone really is. It's terrible and upsetting, but it's inspirational as well.

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