I am to Blame

July 10, 2011
I am to blame
For everything
You do the same
But it’s my fault anyway

I have accepted this
But I don’t like it
If I had only one wish
It would be to get away from this

But wishes are only wishes
I wish them all the time
I wish I could wish for kisses
Like every other kid

But I wish for hope
I wish for love
I wish I could learn to cope
But this life wasn’t meant to be easy

And maybe a rough childhood
Will make up during my adult years
But that’s only something I wish could
Happen but I doubt it does

I am a good person I would like to think
I try my best to be a person I would to like to meet
I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink
But yet I am the worst child a person could get

I guess that’s it
I guess that’s all
I guess this s***
Is all

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